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recycling clay in large studio

updated fri 26 jul 02


Gail Dapogny on thu 25 jul 02

Apologies for replying late to an older message: last minute preparations
for the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the fair itself, and recovering took
their toll! I am now coming up for air.

In our guild, we use a tremendous amount of clay and do the following:

Trimmings and leftover wet clay slop are put into appropriate plastic trash
barrels on casters. We have two barrels per body (3: stoneware, white sw,
and porcelain).

We have a dry mixer and a Peter Pugger. Members are required to make clay
according to the number of cubic inches of pots they fired during the
previous year. Making clay can mean dry mixing (about 450 lbs.), pugging
3 loads, or cleaning the pugger.

Students, too, make clay (supervisedby a member lab assistant) each week
during their 3-hour class (actually, they usually come early and get it
over with).
We probably total about 6-7 clay-making sessions per week.

In all cases, we use wet scrap almost up to the axle, along with a little
water, often some vinegar, and a large bucket of the dry mix sitting in the
dry mixer. Then we tinker as needed to get it to the right consistency. A
second person is consulted on consistency in each batch.

Hope this is helpful. ...Gail

Gail Dapogny
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