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fw: out of business ready,paint,

updated sat 27 jul 02


Scott Robbins on fri 26 jul 02

Fire- is Selling Kilns,duncan paints, and Bisque cheap

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From: Scott Robbins=20
Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 5:23 PM
Subject: Out of business Ready,Paint, Fire- is Selling Kilns,duncan =
paints, and Bisque cheap

Anyone intersted please call Scott at 570-472-2287
Product is located inkingston,Pa 18704 Kingston is near Wilkes-Barre,Pa =

Selling 2 TNF-28-3 paragon kilns for 700 a piece. They are new at 2200 =
dollars at
They are in mint condition. Only used 36 times each at low temerature =
Selling furniture kit for 200 dollars. Normally 480 from paragon.

Selling North Carolina Ceramic supply Bisque at 50% of wholesale.
Their is to many pieces to mention. Their is 100's of pieces.
North Carolina Ceramic # for referance is 336-853-8108

Selling Duncan Paint at 50% off.
93 assorted 8 ounce bottles of underglaze at 4.00 dollars a bottle
147 assorted 2 ounce bottles at 1.25.
Peron who takes the whole lot gets free metal wrack to hold paints sold =
by duncan. Suggested retail on this item was 150 dollars at the time.
It holds hundreds of bottles.

Everything Must Go! Negotiating is an option as well.