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clayart digest - 25 jul 2002 to 26 jul 2002 (#2002-205)

updated tue 30 jul 02


RPeckham@COOKSONELECTRONICS.COM on mon 29 jul 02

Good sentiment. Customer feedback is very important in any business, and
if people are too afraid to comment, then we don't get good criticism.
Some people are just idiots, and use your personal filters to ignore them.
They give us something funny to talk about later.

I was selling some pump dispensers about a year ago, and had a woman say
these are beautiful, but too expensive. I was charging $12 each.

Another woman came in, and wanted me to make a chalice, and small plate
for a minister she knew. I made them out of a cone 6 porcelain. When she
came back to pick them up, she was obviously not happy with them, and said
she wanted me to make another chalice, as that one was crooked, and she
really didn't like the missing glaze near the bottom. After she left I
put the chalice on the wheel, and centered the base to see how out of
round it was, Less than 1/16th of an inch at the top, and barely
noticeable in the middle where I joined the sections. So I made six more
hoping that I could get one at least that was perfectly round, and make
the dry foot less noticeable. When she came in she turned each one over,
and around, inspecting every inch. Finally she found one, and said "I
guess this will do." I insisted that she didn't need to buy any of them,
as at this point I would rather she didn't have my work anyway.

I could have tried to educate her, but I don't think she posesses the
capability to grow. I could have made some comment to her, but it
probably would have bit me in the ass somehow, negative Karma, and what
not. Some people are just not like us, and they don't value the same
things. That's it. Some you can reach, but some you can't.

My grandfather preferred to drink out of plastic cups. People would buy
him nice glasses, I gave him a nice mug. The glasses built up dust in the
back of the cabinet, and the mug was put up on a nick-nack shelf.
Different strokes. No point insulting them.