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kimbell museum asian galleries

updated tue 30 jul 02


MOLINA, RAFAEL on mon 29 jul 02

My girlfriend and I recently went to the Kimbell Art Museum to see the =
revamped Asian Galleries. The works are impressive and the presentation =

Two recent acquisitions are highlighted in the galleries a 15th-century =
mandala from Tibet and a 13th-century scroll from China.

Some quotes from a recent article in the Dallas Morning News include:

"While most people identify the Kimbell with European paintings, =
non-Western art accounts for almost half of its collection, director =
Timothy Potts points out. Asian material alone covers a broad spectrum. =
Almost 60 works, many which have not been shown in several years, are =
on view. China, Korea, Japan, India, the Himilayas, and Southeast Asia =
are represented."

"Curator Jennifer Casler placing Buddhist works from China, =
Japan, and the Himilayas in the first room. Buddhist and Hindu =
sculpture from India and Southeast Asia will be in the front of the =
window overlooking the Maillol courtyard. The rear gallery will feature =
Chinese, Korean, and Japanes screens and scroll paintings, as well as =
ceramics, decorative arts, and sculpture."

"To create new display cases and pedestals for the Asian galleries, the =
Kimbell hired Glausbau Hahn of Frankfurt, Germany, a leading furniture =
designer and manufacturer whose clients include the British Museum, the =
Metropolitan Museum of Art and the J. Paul Getty Museum."

In addition to the Kimbell, the Amon Carter, and the Botanical Gardens, =
the Fort Worth cultural district will open the new Modern Museum of Art =
designed by Japanes architect Tadao Ando in a few weeks. If you find =
yourself in the "town of the cow" ya'll check 'em out.



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