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zirconia wash -- reply to leland

updated tue 30 jul 02


Dave Finkelnburg on mon 29 jul 02

The anser to Barb Mueller's question is, ITC is a family of commercial
products made by International Technical Ceramics for application to metal
and refractory material in kilns.
You may not be aware of some of the rest of this. While what you
suggest, Leland, is certainly possible, and legla since it's not a patented
product as far as I know, many of us who are acquainted with the inventor of
ITC, Feriz Delkic, and who knew his wonderful wife, Alice, before she died,
are not going to support your suggestion. Feriz and Alice, and now Feriz,
have supported ClayArt at NCECA financially to a significant extent. While
ITC is primarily an industrial product, Alice was endlessly helpful to
potters, advising them of the right product, how to use it, explaining what
tools were needed, etc. She was, and Feriz continues to be, very giving.
Wonderful folks.
I'll buy my ITC, thanks. To do anything else wouldn't feel right.
With kind regards,
Dave Finkelnburg, having a hard time seeing at the moment,
thinking of Feriz in the ClayArt room in Kansas City last March, struggling
without Alice there...

From: "Leland G. Hall"
> Yes, ITC is a comercial product that from what I have heard works really
> well, and is also too darned expesive for my meager budget. But the
> question of formula is a darned good one. I'd bet it's fairly simple.
> Maybe someone ought to analyze a sample. I'd love to make to own. Is
> legal? Any thoughts?