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bonsai/orchid pots

updated wed 31 jul 02


Joyce Lee on tue 30 jul 02

Thanks, Dale, for sharing your website with us. EXCEPT now I can feel =
the desire to make some orchid pots myself wiggling into my =
consciousness. No, No, can't have that .... not right now ...... too =
many other areas where I'm actually making progress by focusing much =
more narrowly than previously. Simplicty of form is intriguing .. a =
clean, uncluttered look .... except of course where I'm going for a VERY =
rough hewn appearance. Just can't do it right now. Besides, I checked =
out the startup costs for orchid growing .... in the desert .... roses =
would be kinder to my wallet.=20

Roses do grow here, oddly enough ... surprises most people but they =
flourish with appropriate TLC...... as do we all. Actually, orchids grow =
here, too, for my neighbor several acres over develops them in her =
indoor-swimming pool room. Since I have no indoor, nor outdoor, =
swimming pool ... don't even have a pond..... do have several bird baths =
but the birds are too territorial for co-habitation ..... this is not an =
project for me, I'm thinkin'. Still.........

In the Mojave