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bowls with rings/square pots

updated sun 4 aug 02


Joyce Lee on sat 3 aug 02

Ilene asked:
"Where do I get the tape?
Nils Lou's almost mystical tapes on throwing.... three of them ... are =
available from Nils himself, I think. That's how I bought mine, at any =
rate. But I've also seen them advertised in Clay Times and Ceramics =
Monthly ... small ads, as I recall.

Nils does very little talking during these tapes. I have several sets =
of tapes, each of which seems to have its own position in my trip up the =
learning curve. As with the others, Nils offers information and =
demonstrations that I haven't received elsewhere. I heartily recommend =

In the Mojave where I'm torn between being captivated at the imagery and =
language used by Janet&Kelly in their disagreement ..... and upset that =
they're directing it at each other ... interesting, but it hurts, =
too.... probably also is hurting them ... now that the anger has flashed =
and subsided..... know the feeling.... well.