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small light weight bowls

updated wed 7 aug 02


Ababi on tue 6 aug 02

I sent to Marta small light weight black paperclay bowl.
Marta sent me a small groleg soda fired bowl. In the middle there was a sea shell.

They passed each other somewhere above the Atlantic ocean, I believe more or less
near Atlantis: Never met.
Learning that small, tiny wares can be beautiful and learning how to make them, small
thin,delicate, without wheels led to these works I uploaded tonight.
This is only the beginning.
I intend to make some of the advanced glaze tests on such bowls: These I know for
sure that will be good, not sure the tint.

The next step I made a high soda glaze for ^6 ox.
I added different amounts of RIO and to one test, copper oxide.

I did not sieve the glazes.
I will repeat some of the tests this time I will sieve them.
more details at