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dripping spouts: plans

updated fri 9 aug 02


Autumn Downey on thu 8 aug 02

Hello spoutmakers:

A friend in Yellowknife gave me instructions for making such a spout a few
years ago and I gave it a try - not successfully, but I'm not really a
teapot maker either.

Recently he returned with artist's plan views of his Mum's coffeepot -
(such a one does exist, perhaps mold made?) I sent Gavin's post to Chris
out of interest sake and suggested that I could send his plans to anyone
who might be interested.

He agreed and also said "If anyone shows any interest in seeing photos of
the real thing, just let me know, or give them my email address."

So there you are. Takers? (Probably best to write me off list if you want
the jpg of "the secret plans".)

Autumn Downey