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updated sun 11 aug 02


The Slack-DeBrock Family on sat 10 aug 02

Hi all,

Sorry about the long heading, but I wanted to share several upcoming =
classes, workshops and news all at once!

*There will be a Woodfiring workshop sponsored by River Run Pottery, 3 =
days, hands-on basics and kiln building slides, discussion and examples =
of firing effects, glazing and using the kiln to add flashing and wood =
ash glazing, and a full day firing of a Fastfire wood-fueled kiln, in =
McNaughton, Wisconsin (located in the northern part of the state 10 =
miles north of Rhinelander). The workshop will be held September 13,14 =
and 15, 2002. An excellent way to learn about woodfiing and get the =
information needed to build one's own kiln. More details in flyer.

*The new RIVERRUN CENTER FOR THE ARTS will be opening in October 2002, =
in McNaughton, WI, offering a wide variety of pottery and art classes, =
as well as special workshops during weekends and in the summer. Special =
summer clay sessions for both adults and children will be offered. =
Visiting artists and potters will be hosted, and apprentice programs =
will be available. The Northern Lights Gallery will be a part of the =
center, holding shows and featuring potters work. See below for more =
information or to be on the mailing list for events, workshops and =
programs, and if you are interested in offering a workshop or selling =
work in the Gallery.

*I teach the following 2 study tours for Nicolet College in Rhinelander, =
WI. Both classes would be of interest to those working in clay.(courses =
may be taken for 3 university credits,transferable, or may be audited, =
which does not require completing assignments)Classes are independently =
organized, with videos and reading material available for long distance =

Mexican Folk Art History, January 8-22, 2003. This class will provide an =
overview of the folk art traditions in the Oaxaca Valley and the =
southern coast of Mexico, with an emphasis on the pottery traditions =
nearly 5,000 years old. We will visit artists and see demonstrations of =
traditonal arts in their homes and workplaces, including clay functional =
work and sculpture, tapestry and weaving, woodcarving, metalworking and =
natural fabric and fiber dyeing methods. This class goes far off the =
beaten track and allows us interaction with artisans unlike any other =
type of travel or experience. Time is taken to listen and understand how =
the evolution of traditional craft and the marketplace affects =
contemporary artisans Detailed itinerary and information available.

Irish Art History, May 26-June10, 2003, "Megaliths through Monasteries" =
Beginning at 7,000 BC, the ancient arts of the Stone Age people will be =
explored, studying the pottery, artifacts and architecture of these =
people, and the evidence still available to us through pottery finds and =
standing stones, cairns, dolmens and stone circles. We will trace the =
development of Irish Art through the Bronze Age, the arrival of the =
Celts and their rich art traditions, and the coming of early =
Christianity to Ireland,bringing with it the illuminated manuscripts and =
intricate metalsmiting of this age. Ancient themes and myths continue to =
inspire contemporary artists in all media, and an emphasis will be on =
visiting them in their studios, watching them work, and listening to =
their inspirations. Much of the time is spent "in the field", seeing =
ancient sites first-hand and hearing local stories with Irish guides.

To receive more detailed information about any of the above listings, =
please send me your name and mailing address via e-mail at = , or call me with that information at =

Joan Slack-deBrock