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kelly's painting problems

updated sun 11 aug 02


Elca Branman on sat 10 aug 02

Here are two suggestions , which at first may seem contradictory.

1) For some reason , people expect to draw or paint easily. Their
expectations are based on watching skilled people draw and paint easily.
Spontaneity comes from long practice to get the skill. Think of learning
to center, and how hard it was and how much part of your quiver of
skills it is now.
You can only start where you ARE, not where you would like to be.

So...learn your brush.

Paint on daily newspaper, using poster paint or ink... these are to be
Make strokes.. change the pressure, the fluidity of the paint,scale of
your drawings.
This will eliminate the paralysis caused by using expensive materials,
and , knowing you are NOT going to save these frees you to some degree
from Internal Evil Critic.

You are simply at the kindergarten level , if that was when you stopped
playing with paints.
It will get better with practice even if not as fast as you'd like.
Ask Elizabeth Priddy how long she studied brush strokes and whether
there is a difference between her earlier work and her contemporay
stuff... did you think it happened the day after she decided to paint?

2) Second basic suggestion.

Get rid of that internal voice which demands that you be wonderful at
evrything you do.
It is not going to happen.
You will be wonderful at some things, terrible at others and some place
in between with everything else... like the rest of us mere mortals.
All any of us can do is the best we can do where we are
.Make peace with it.
You are not yet a graduate student, claywise, or maybe brushwise.
Accept it.

Kiss Superwoman goodbye for me, and , more importantly,for you.


On Sat, 10 Aug 2002 06:42:59 -0700 primalmommy
> I
> when it comes to my own pots, I am helpless. I have shelves
ofpromising bisque that I can't bring myself to touch, haunted by
, and any finished design is
> overworked to death -- like a pot or a handle that has been fiddled
> withtoo long. No spontaneity.

> I am open to all suggestions, will read any books or try any
> approach. I
> look at Elizabeth Priddy's brushwork, or the simple bamboo brush
> strokes
> and paint-scribbled perfect fish of eastern art, and sigh.Simplicity ..


> Kelly in Ohio
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