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updated tue 13 aug 02


Dannon Rhudy on mon 12 aug 02

.....PPA's standards committee dropped by my display
>for an on-site evaluation of my's quality level, compliance with
>PPA standards, etc. Thankfully, I passed,
> to Lake Placid, NY, for a two week intensive residency
>at the Hurricane Mountain Clay Center. Dannon Rhudy will be there...I'm
>going to be coaching her in PPA teapot standards. Hopefully, she'll make
>good progress..........

Oh, thank heaven!! I've been worried, worried, worried that my
work might not be up to PPA standards, what to do, what to do. So,
now that I know I'll get some coaching and proper instruction I
can lower my anxiety level, get some more/better work done, and
not have all that stress on my mind. That alone should improve
everything to a great extent. I'm looking forward to grand improvements.
I'll of course report back on how (if) I've acheived a better standard.


Dannon Rhudy