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feedback requested: nceca travel habits

updated wed 14 aug 02


Stephani Stephenson on mon 12 aug 02

Hello all,
I am pondering an idea with a few other very good
potters/ceramists/tilemakers/toolmakers who have studios in Encinitas
Ca. We are about 15 miles north of the San Diego NCECA 2003 location ,
just off of I-5, (and old highway 101) one of the main north south
highways in the area. Our studios are very near to each other, within a
few blocks, and we are also only 1/2 mile from the lovely , less
crowded north San Diego beaches in Encinitas, Leucadia and Carlsbad
We are thinking about opening our studios on either the Saturday or
Sunday at the close Of NCECA week 2003. We'll put together publicity
and maps for it...strictly a self guided tour rather than a bus tour.
We are wondering if some of you may want to visit the studios and
perhaps the nice beaches when the conference winds down a bit. ALso ,
we kind of wanted to say WELCOME to those of you who might come this
way. So here are my questions to all of you , to better help us plan.

For those of you who travel to NCECA. do you typically
1. leave the area on Saturday?
2. Leave early Sunday?
3. Leave late Sunday?
4. Leave Monday?

5. will you drive or have access to an auto?
6. would this be something of possible interest? or are you a zombie by
Saturday or Sunday?

Any way I would greatly appreciate your input!
Thanks much
Stephani Stephenson
Alchemie Studio
Encinitas/Carlsbad CA
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Dannon Rhudy on tue 13 aug 02

.......>For those of you who travel to NCECA. do you typically
>1. leave the area on Saturday?
>2. Leave early Sunday?
>3. Leave late Sunday?
>4. Leave Monday?............

Stephani, I've noted from past NCECA's that there are folks in
each category above. But a great many fly in, so that they end up
staying Saturday because it costs less to do that. There are
generally a lot of folks with time on Saturday afternoon. I'd think
they'd come if they have transport. I sure would. Let us know,
and - make a really good map!!


Dannon Rhudy