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news from nottingham arts / nceca 2003

updated wed 14 aug 02


terry sullivan on tue 13 aug 02

Hi folks. A bit of news and advance info:

We have some new artists in residence starting this fall. New ceramics
lab tech, a figure sculptor who is now teaching here, a stone carver,
some up comming classes in figure drawing and painting, and -finally- a
bronze casting facillity and , hopefully, openning our new hot glass

Anyhow; for NCECA 2003; I have talked a bit with Mel San, and was
thinking of hosting a Clayart party at Nottingham on the Saturday night
after NCECA closes. This would be fallowed by Clayart buds getting
together for some ( as Mel calls it ) "Adult Shared Learning" on Sunday.
Like an open studio for a day or so for us to do stuff, share knowledge,
and have some fun. If any of you folks are interested please call, or
better, email me at It there is enough interest we will
do it.

As to pre NCECA; we will be having multiple workshops here at the
Nottingham Center.
Possible line up is: Steven Hill, Pipenburg, and Malcom McDowell. All
three going at once with much fun in the evenings here at the center.
These will all start on the weekend preceeding the conference and go for
2-3 days.

Please send feedback to my personal email address: Go2tms@

Terry Sullivan
Director ( and Chief Gofer )
Nottingham Center for the Arts
San Marcos, CA