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colorful slipware trends...

updated fri 16 aug 02


Wendy Rosen on fri 16 aug 02

I've just returned from New York Gift and
discovered that there was more colorful slipware in the import
section of the show than in the handmade section of the show.
Some of the lines shown as imported, just last year were
US or Canadian studio art lines in our show.

We've been avoiding adding slipcast work to the show because of this trend...
But it's been difficult to find potters who are willing to participate in a
wholesale fair. The potters we do find do one show and fill up their
After just one show they don't need us for those reorders the following year.
Success has become our biggest problem as the ceramic artists in the show
turn over more than other categories with higher production and growth ability.

Now the question is... where will we find new potters with glazes that
don't come out of a jar and forms that don't come from a commercial mold?

Galleries have finally seen the light and are willing to carry
ceramic sculpture
and limited edition pieces... but now we can't find the potters. They now
understand and want "potters pots"... but schools are teaching every student to
become a sculptor (2% of the ceramics market)...

Will those of you who are really running a business pleas step forward?
I have thousands of great high end shops and galleries who need your work.
Wholesale price range $50-$1,500.

Please reply to:

Wendy Rosen
President, The Rosen Group

3000 Chestnut Ave #304 Baltimore, Maryland 21211
410.889-3093 phone 410.243.7089 fax

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