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gallery owning

updated fri 16 aug 02


gordon jones on thu 15 aug 02

i am happy to say we are making a profit in a time and town where things
tend to suffer.we make a lot of other products and pottery is one of the
newest,i dont know if we could make it on pottery alone but i have sold a
lot of pieces in the short time we have had it in the gallery.right now this
is the only thing we have going and we make a house payment,shop rent,
utilities etc.
i was told long ago if you wait til your ready you will never be ready,you
do it and that makes you ready,i can fail and i am not a failure.
we are just now getting the stuff on this website and hope it will be good
adverting,i am not goimg to expect sales from it so i can be surprised when
it comes,alresdy sold some wood work pieces that had sat os thshelf for
take a chance ,they can't eat me til i'm dead anyway.
gordon earthbound

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