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linda blossom tile workshop in nc

updated mon 19 aug 02


terry sullivan on sat 17 aug 02

If you want to do tile murals with lots of relief, or make sinks, or get
a refreshing viewpoint on multiple high temp glazing, you should attend
this workshop. Linda brings all the multi colored depth of nature to her
ceramic works. Her glazed sinks and carved tiles are to die for. Soooo
beautifull. She will show you how easy it is to build these and I'm sure
will share her depth of knowledge in the glaze/firing process.
Peter King likes to speak of himself as the "father" of american
architectural ceramics. Ludicrous when one views the history of that
field in america. He does have a way with constructing very high relief
But what then ? The work must then be glazed. It is in the finall
glazing process where the form and relief come to life. Linda Blossom
knows how to bring that form to life with a depth of glazes surpassed,
and not always, by nature itself. On a purely technical level; she has
accumulated total expertise in managing a studio so as to build these
murals and forms from clay production, slab forming, surface carving,
glaze testing, to the finall glazing. For $ 85 you can't go wrong with
this workshop. What a deal.

Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Arts
San Marcos,CA

L. P. Skeen on sat 17 aug 02

Greetings folks! Just a reminder about the workshop sponsored by Living =
Tree STudios in Summerfield, NC. Linda Blossom will be here on =
September 21 and 22 to share her knowledge and experience in tile and =
sink making, making surrounds and mounting tiles/sinks. If you have not =
seen her work, check out the book _Architectural Ceramics_ by Peter =
King, or check out =

Cost of the 2-day workshop is only $85 plus $15 for lunches or BYO. =
Contact me offlist or call the studio at 336-644-2768 to reserve your =

L. P. Skeen
Living Tree Studios, Summerfield, NC
I started with nothing and I still have most of it!