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crystal glaze mystery

updated mon 19 aug 02


H.M. Buchanan on sun 18 aug 02

Can anyone explain why crystalline glazes go bad as they age in the =
bucket?I was satisfied to just accept this until I mixed an aged glaze =
with a crystal matt and came up with a really good macro-crystalline =
glaze that I would like to duplicate. Blending the recipes in any =
proportions doesn't come close to the original happy accident.
All texts I have found just agree that crystalline glazes spoil with =
out any reasons given. It doesn't seem to matter if the glazes are made =
with frits or not. The only common denominator I can see is low alumina =
and high zinc. I'll gladly send the recipes if you think it would give =
you a clue.=20
If no one can help, you will see dated jars of glaze aging like wine in =
my studio waiting for the perfect moment for recreating this spectacular =

Judi Buchanan