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e wilson farrington concerns mfa or no mfa

updated mon 26 aug 02


Jane Connin on sat 24 aug 02

Dear Clayart. I have recently been involved in thoughts of an MFA degree=
. It seems to me that an MFA would add validety to anyones quest to beco=
me a "real" artist. Yet, when one is of advanced years, (I am well beyon=
d any logical school age) it is perhaps better to attend workshops and s=
ummer classes to gain insight, than it is to, as it were, start over. I =
have made inquiries into this matter of an MFA degree. Since my batchers=
degree was in Sociology, with very little training in creative art or ce=
ramics I would need to "start over" with a bachelors degree in art. I fi=
gure I haven't got enough life left for that. Yet, there is some solace h=
ere: I have returned from a wonderful summer session at Alfred University=
which has fully recharged my creative batteries. Summers at Alfred, wit=
h many up and coming new, young artists will have to be my MFA. Not a ba=
d education I think. What do you out there think? =20