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mfa or not

updated tue 27 aug 02


Joanne Van Bezooyen on sun 25 aug 02

Hello Everyone,
I've been off-list for a long time (divorce, teens, etc.), and although =
there are many really great responses to this topic and I may be =
redundant, I have some strong feelings about this as well.
No one can answer this question except you.
Do you need the degree for your goals? achieve an end result?
Returning to university studies at an advanced age as well, I was at =
first consumed with a goal to get the credits necessary to teach. While =
doing so, I discovered a passion for painting and ceramics and stayed to =
study further. I then went for what I needed, made my own decisions =
for course selection and stopped when I got to the point of independent =
studies because I could do that in my own studio. The business I've =
created does not require 'credentials' because I do not deal with =
galleries, shows, or teaching. =20
What do you need to get where you want to be? Nothing wrong with =
designing your own coursework. =20
I believe that without the university course requirements, I would never =
have pushed myself so hard and achieved so much. You can't get that =
from workshops or casual courses. I needed the deadlines, grading, =
requirements, etc..
Good Luck

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artimater on sun 25 aug 02

Dannon wrote:
I do not believe, personally, that galleries give a hoot whether you
have that degree or not. Their choices are based on whether they
like and think they can sell your work. NOT whether you graduated
from Alfred or wherever

HOOHAH....HOHOHO....They also don't care if you give them the work for =
free either, huh?HEHEHE...Nothing like a good laugh early in the =
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indulgences and snakes handy"
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