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donn visiting england

updated thu 29 aug 02


Jenny Lewis on wed 28 aug 02

Hi Donn

When you have more idea of where you will be travelling, let me know.
London is a great place for museums and galleries, and I enjoy meeting
Clayarters for coffee, often at the Victoria and Albert Museum, where
the coffee is good and the pottery collection is fabulous.

If you are in London for a few days there are loads of pots to see, as
well as all the other goodies. A good start would be to buy Ceramic
Review, which has useful ads for exhibitions etc. There is the Crafts
Council - changing exhibitions, good shop, excellent reference area with
card index of makers as well as a computer database. The pottery shop
in Marshall Street is wonderful for pots to see and buy, books, and they
also have changing exhibitions of individual potters in addition to the
big selection of stuff for sale.

Have a look through the Clayart archives by subject,, under "Places" - lots to read.

That's just a start. I can burble on for hours but will spare you,
until your plans are more definite.

Jenny Lewis
in London, UK
where autumn is arriving early
before the lousy summer has ended
(it hardly ever started)