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johnny vegas on the radio (uk)

updated thu 29 aug 02


claybair on wed 28 aug 02

Amusing thread...... Just 2 days ago I took a hiatus from NPR.
Yesterday my son and husband were snickering about the station I am now
listening to...... Country Western. Some of it is real hokey but damn if a
lot of it isn't very sensitive. I keep thinking about some burley trucker
listening to it while trekking across the USA.
On our last road trip to Colorado we stopped at Flying J truck stops. It was
an amazing experience... a piece of Americana we had totally overlooked.

Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island, WA

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From:Steve Mills

In message , Janet Kaiser writes
>For UK clay arters and those who listen via the BBC website:
> and click on Radio4
>Zany commedian and potter, Johnny Vegas has a new radio series starting
>18.30 hrs. tomorrow, Tuesday 27th August.
>Sorry, Steve, I know you hate it and are forced to listen by your better
>half, but at least there should be some mention of clay?

Ah! Not ALL of Radio 4, just the !/0=**$%^&* Archers ( for the
unenlightened; a radio soap), which ALWAYS seems to be on!!!!

(sinking slowly into the broadcasting miasma with a voice intoning the
last agricultural rites!)