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a couple of questions - moving bats

updated fri 30 aug 02


vince pitelka on thu 29 aug 02

> I'd love to hear whether anyone has any good ideas for how to fix these
> by the way. But what I do know is that it can make you feel awfully
> incompetent when you're first trying to learn to center the clay.

This is a very simple fix. When you have a loose bat, just place six or
eight small dabs of clay on the wheelhead in a circle concentric with the
bat pins. Smash them down with the palm of your hand so they are only about
1/16" high. Put the bat on, and whack it in the center. It won't move at
all. Keep an old screwdriver around to pry the bats off the wheelhead when
you finish each pot. You can use the same dabs of clay all day long.
Best wishes -
- Vince

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