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a couple of questions-loose batts

updated fri 30 aug 02


Pottery by Dai on thu 29 aug 02

Tim - one way to alleviate the problem of ever-larger holes which cause the
problem you describe is to change the placing of your pins. One hole in the
center of your wheelhead (you have to "thread" it) and one hole about
halfway out towards the edge of the wheelhead (or within the limits of your
smallest batt). Drill your batts accordingly; the center hole will never
(I'm leery of the word "never") enlarge as there's no sideways stress on it;
if/when the outer hole gets sloppy, just drill a new hole at the same
radius. You could keep doing this indefinitely if you had to, till you ran
out of room to drill---by which time the batt would probaly be retired :).
A great tip from a friend is to drill through a metal bar at the same time
(same motion) as you drill your wheelhead, so that you will have a permanent
template of where the holes should go. Another reminder: if your center
hole isn't exactly in the center of your batt, it's OK---the edges may look
a little wonky as the wheel spins, but the middle, and your clay, will still
be centered!
Dai in Armstrong, BC

Take your work seriously---take yourself lightly. Unknown