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having a "studio" (was perennial students)

updated fri 30 aug 02


Russel Fouts on thu 29 aug 02

Hi Jenny!

I hear you, I had to go through some household politics to get my
studio. Couldn't have the space I wanted but was offered a space with no
lighting and about 15 years of junk to remove but I took it, shoveled
out junk for a week, put in lighting, ran the electrics 45 meters from
the mains to have a kiln and finally got my studio.

I believe that if you REALLY want to make pots, you will find a
"studio". Maybe you will make different kinds of pots because of the
"studio" you create.

A friend of mine, while having no money and a very small appartment was
making HUGE installations out of VERY small pieces of clay. She'd sit at
her Kitchen/Livingroom table rolling small coils. She'd bring them to
the studio to fire in a bucket, she fired THOUSANDS of them. Then
installed them in lines and patterns in an old warehouse. Very
impressive pieces.

Jane Perryman's "studio" is a small garden shed. John Maltby's is his
kitchen table. While he was getting started, Robert Montaudouin's wheel
was in his bathroom (sat on the toilet to through).

There was someone on the list who described their Studio. Work table was
the kitchen table, small kiln was on the back porch, storage was in a
linen closet, glazing at the kitchen sink, etc.

Hand building (usually) takes up less space than throwing, maybe it's
time to concentrate on handbuilding?

When you gotta make pots, you gotta make pots!

Russel (who's "apartment" when he lived in London was a LINEN CLOSET but
I was LIVING in LONDON! Who wants to stay home anyway!)


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