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mfa or no mfa

updated fri 30 aug 02


Joyce Lee on thu 29 aug 02

Been waiting for this thread to unravel, but it does seem to continue =
.... and re-appear
often. It must be important to a lot of
claybuds. =20

I guess I don't see the problem,
however. We're only talking about 2 or
3 years, right? Or at most 6 .... if there is
a masters program that is so strenuous as to require six years. If you =
have the time,
the money and the inclination, why not?

I understand the questioning. When I've initially considered any course =
of study that seemed rather massive to=20
me at that moment ..... or that I
might have trouble scrounging up the money or jobs to cover expenses ... =
that I was way too old to even think about
it . ..."drat, I'd be (fill in the blank) years
old before I completed it") ... I've almost
always decided that I'd work out the money
angle, and that I'd be such and such years
old anyway (if I were lucky)...... why not get there with the degree or =
credential ...
documented evidence that I'd done the
work .... as well as all the new understandings I'd accumulated. =20

You can't walk two paths at the same time.... true ..... but you can =
well give it a try. If I weren't geared to
be a perpetual student, I might feel differently ..... but I hope not =
with rancor
in my heart for those who don't feel the
same as I. Rancor hurts too much to
let it hang around forever ... same energy
could be applied to any number of degrees in a lifetime ... or courses =
of study. ... or thousands of pots.

In the Mojave who thinks in degrees, when
they aren't always necessary to accomplish one's goals.... comes from
working in California where every teaching
change requires a new credential. I usually figured that while working =
for the
credential, I'd take the usually 6 or so
extra credits needed for a Masters in the
targeted area ..... credentials expire or
they can be "taken away" .... a Masters=20
is yours forever .... to use or to forget or
to make paper hats .. but it is yours....... even when the document is =
there's a record of your achievement somewhere ........ GO LORI!!!! I am =
proud of you!