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updated fri 30 aug 02


Hendrix, Taylor J. on thu 29 aug 02

Hello all.
I sent this post a while ago, but perhaps it was killed in transit. =
Here it is again.
I have been doing quite a bit of reading lately (Shogi Hamada by =
Peterson, Potter in Japan by Leach, Michael Cardew by many, and about 15 =
other books from the NK's) and would like some help picking out my next =
few reads. I have looked in my local University's library under =
"Potters--England--Biography" and "Potters--Great Britan--Biography" =
Library of Congress subject headings in order to find some more books on =
English potters. I only found a few books. I will list them below. Does =
anyone have a title and pub. info of other books of English potters that =
they might suggest? Inside or outside the Leach/Hamada pantheon? I guess =
it doesn't have to be a biography. It could be a retrospective of his or =
her work. What does the list think of the books below? I'm sure there =
must be more out there, Baylor's not the hotbed of the ceramic arts. =
Thanks for the assist.

Taylor Hendrix in Waco where their ain't no wheels ner kilns fer sale, =

Books I have found in my library:
When I was a child by Charles Shaw. Firle : Caliban Books, 1977.
Clarice Cliff : the Bizarre affair by Leonard Griffin and Louis K. and =
Susan Pear Meisel. New York : Abrams, 1987.
The fantastic flowers of Clarice Cliff : a celebration of her floral =
designs by Leonard Griffin. 1999=20
Lucie Rie by Tony Birks. 1989
Mason porcelain and ironstone 1796-1853 : Miles Mason and the Mason =
manufactories by Reginald Haggar and Elizabeth Adams. London : Faber, =