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ringing tiles

updated sun 1 sep 02


Janet Kaiser on sun 1 sep 02

I would like to share the following e-mail with all my Clay Buds... All the
many who are already Path Makers and those who intend becoming Path Makers
will not doubt be glad we did not decide to make the following kind of
Path, which Ted (who lives and works in Taiwan) told us about:

Dear Friends at The CoA,
after a lengthy circuit around the Pacific....returned to Uni only a day or
two ago. Thought I would pass-on observation about tiles... Visited a
temple, isolated and surrounded by sand... with many tiles simply dropped
on the surface of the sand, hence as visitors walk unsteadily over the
uneven surface, their feet clash the tiles... making them ring like
bells... a "charm-ing" idea. Did make me think of you at the Chapel of Art
at home.

Tiles were located on Kinmen Island, nee Quemoy, only 200 metres off-shore
from the Chinese mainland. A simple temple, dominated by two large elephant
sculptures. It is run by 2 Buddhist nuns: mother and daughter, an unusual
pairing. Tiles were not originally planned as a ringing/singing
phenomenon-simply happened.

Janet Kaiser

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