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studio potters work wanted!

updated sun 1 sep 02


christopher rupp on sat 31 aug 02

Hello everyone,

I am looking for work by the following potters. If you have a piece you
would like to sell or know of someone who does, let me know. Thanks.

Shoji Hamada
Gertrude and Otto Natzler
Jun Kaneko (small works)
John Gill
Anthony Prieto
Lucie Rie
Marguerite Wildehain
Robert Turner
Rudy Autio (small works)
Ken Furguson
Paul Soldner
Val Cushing
Laura Andreson
James McKinnell
Peter Callas

These are the potters I am looking for at the monent, but if you have work
by any other studio artists you think I might like, it never hurts to

Chris Rupp

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