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top 5 for beginners

updated mon 2 sep 02


Ron Philbeck on sun 1 sep 02

"A Potter's Workbook" by Clary Illian
"Throwing Pots" by Phil Rogers
"Hamada:Potter" by Bernard Leach
"Cushing's Handbook" Val Cushing
"Warren MacKenzie: American Potter" by David Lewis

These are my picks.
Ron Philbeck
Shelby NC

Arnolds Home Improvements on sun 1 sep 02

Get your self any of Don Davis's books or videos. They were the best help
for me starting out.

Get Ron and Johns Glaze book, even if you don't intend to fire cone 6 it is
a great glaze book.

Get a pottery dictionary so you can understand what everyone's talking

Gene Arnold