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joy and mfa

updated wed 4 sep 02


Karen Sullivan on tue 3 sep 02


I grew up in Southern California, near Disneyland....
so they used to sell you a book of tickets, the
symbols used were A tickets (inexpensive) or E tickets
(the most expensive).

A tickets were for the trolley that ran up and down
main street, horse driven...slow....

E tickets were for the Matterhorn...
the fastest ride/ rollercoster in the park.
a rush of excitement and thrill.

For me, grad school was an E Ticket ride...
another metaphor was when asked how I was...
I said fine, but I feel like I am trying to
take a drink from a firehose.
Think of that statement with all the visuals
you can muster to make it real....

In all seriousness...I am profoundly grateful
for my sense of art history, contemporary art
issues, and refined sensitivity to form...
I am grateful that I can articulate my ideas if
I want.

So I can do anything I want to with that wisdom/knowledge
but I have been fortunate enough to have seen the
mountaintop...and yes I can see...(fill in an
appropriately humble location)
...from here.

It was more than worth the price of admission....
do whatever it takes to get there....
then you can make choices of what you want to do
with the information...which you can't if you don't
have the information/and/or experience.
bamboo karen