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designing new raku kiln - help! burner port size etc.

updated mon 9 sep 02


Yann Ferric on sun 8 sep 02

Hi :)

I'm currently working on the design for a new Raku Kiln which I also want to
fire up to cone 10. The inside firing chamber is 34" high by 25"wide by 25"
deep (about 12 cubic feet). I have the burner port at the bottom left and a
flue at the top in the centre of the lid. Could anyone give me some advice
on the size of the flue and burner port that would be suitable, and the
diameter of the raku torch nozzle I will need? I haven't purchaced the new
burner yet so suggestions on the make would be helpful. Also, is 3" of fibre
blanket (inner layer the higher temp one)sufficient insulation for this size
kiln? Or would 4" be better? My last kiln was an oil drum type,with 2 1/2"
insulation and a 2"nozzle raku burner. It worked great for years and fired
up to cone 10 on a good day(now it's very rusty but still useable!) Making a
bigger one like this is causing some apprehension as I don't want to muck it
all up from scratch !:s Should I have 2 burners for more even heat, the
other placed at the opposite bottom corner? I'm going to build a rail for
the burner(s) to move along. This worked well on the oil drum kiln.


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