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photographing my tiles

updated tue 10 sep 02


Nancy Guido on mon 9 sep 02

First I want to thank Sara, Mary, John, Janet, Phil, Paul and anyone else who
responded that I may have missed on my dilemma. I spent Sunday morning
reading everything that was sent. Sara emailed me direct a few hours after I
posted my question. Her advice simply was to use natural light at sunset and
bounce it off of some foam core. I tried that right away with my digital
camera on some bronze tiles and I was amazed at the results. The slide of
the bronze tiles from the professional was the worst of the batch. The
bronze tiles did best with no flash, no flood lights on black foam core.
The color is still not right on, but the detail of the tile is good.

Most of my tiles are dry with stains and most of them are 10" or larger. I
ended up shooting them flat on white mat board. I had two flood lights set
up on either side with K3200 bulbs, however, I ended up using only one light.
My camera is a Nikon Coolpix 950. I shot a few tiles and ran to the
computer to check them. I started fiddling around with the settings in the
M-rec mode (manual). The whitest background came from setting the white
balance to cloudy, the meter center-weighted, one flood light to the right
and use the flash. I don't know why, but it worked. There are many
settings, I tried them all, ran to the computer, checked 'em pretty much
after every tile. I finished as the sun set around 7 p.m.and re-did the
bronze tiles in all the different settings to see if I could get the right
color. I could get copper and I could get gold, but not the exact bronze of
the tile.

One green glazed tile has a bluish background, but the tile color is right

My husband was going to shoot slides along with me, but we needed different
film so we will work on that this week.

I am putting together a web page probably just an AOL homepage for now.
Another project out of my realm, but I have help (my sister Sue).

A big thanks to everyone!

Nancy G.

jeanette harris on mon 9 sep 02

Hi, Nancy,
You might try a neutral grey as a background--that way the registration
of the colors will be only on the work, not needing adjustment for the
background color.

Check out any professional photo supply company. They have rolls of
background grey that are the best. Take a look at it. The rolls are
expensive, but the best. If that won't work, remember the tone and
search out some inexpensive board in art stores that match the grey.

I do a lot of shooting of flat pieces on the floor on top of grey board
using natural sunlight.

Also, buy the slowest speed film you can find. Slow speed=finer detail.

Just swinging from synapse to synapse.