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plastic caps in the uk (was re: sealing cork)

updated tue 10 sep 02


Janet Kaiser on mon 9 sep 02

I am sorry, I have no idea where you could find caps or lids locally. I
have not been to London in many a year! If you wait a couple of weeks,
Jenny Lewis will be back from vacation and may be able to help.

Are you using glass jars, bottles or containers? Or plastic? I am afraid I
come from the "magpie school of ceramics and household management". Nothing
is bought, but every container which ever comes into the house is used,
emptied, washed out and then hoarded... Plastic buckets which contained
foodstuffs, milk canisters, jam and pickles jars (Eckhard gets through
10-12 of those huge pickles jars full of gherkins in a year), paint
tins.... All these, plus extra tops, stoppers and lids are put into the
"You-never-know-when-you'll-need-it Store". Friends always know where to
come when making jams, jellies and pickles.

Eckhard goes mad and tries to sneak them off to the bottle bank and bury
them in the rubbish on dark nights, but it certainly beats buying. Even if
you find a retail outlet, I is as well to remember it will be difficult
matching tops with European sizes and Norms with anything you have imported
from the US.

Good luck

Janet Kaiser

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>BTW, where can I get plastic tops in the UK, if I want to replace the caps
>in the future? In NYC, there're a few retail stores that sells all things
>plastic and vinyl. I wonder there are similar shops in the London area. I
>ordered my buckets and containers from CTM but I found them expensive,
esp. after I paid shipping. I'd like to find another source.