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public studio set-up

updated thu 12 sep 02


Sue Ballou on wed 11 sep 02

As the user of the city facility in Ft. Collins
Colorado for the past 10 years I can answer some of
your questions. A session is 10 weeks long and costs
about $120. This includes a 2 hour class a week, up
to 12 hours of lab time a week, one bag of clay, use
of studio glazes (about 30 or so) and all firings.
Such a deal! You are required to buy any other clay
you use from the studio at $13.00/ 25 lb bag. This
helps pay for the firings & glazes. No one is allowed
to bring outside work or do production work in the
studio. It's a teaching facility. Of course some
people stretch this, but the rule is there. The
teachers are local potters with varying credentials.
Some have degrees & others don't. The studio fires ^6
oxidation & reduction. There are also kids classes.
Almost all of their work is fired to ^05. We also do
a raku firing at the end of each session. If you'd
like more info, please email me off list.


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