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obituaries of two notable english industrial potters

updated fri 13 sep 02


Ned Ludd on thu 12 sep 02

Dear Clayarters

I see there are two obituaries of prominent industrial potters
currently running in the Daily Telegraph (UK). For copyright reasons
I excerpt only the opening sentences below.

Those wishing to read more: if the URLs I pasted do not work, simply
go to the main page
and find the Obituaries link, on the left in the list of sections.

Website registration (free) may be necessary.



> The Daily Telegraph (UK)
> Walter Moorcroft. Master potter who ran his family firm for 40 years and
> developed its reputation for style and originality.
> Walter Moorcroft, who has died aged 85, ran his family business -
> Moorcroft Pottery - for 40 years after the war; during this period, he
> single-handedly carried out all the management roles in the factory,
> including production, personnel, finance and sales.
> Also a gifted designer, Moorcroft developed an instantly-recognisable
> style and technique, helping to earn the company its reputation as one
> of the most original art potteries of the 20th century.
> ---------------------
also in Obituaries,
> Harold Holdway (Filed: 12/09/2002)
> Harold Holdway, who has died aged 89, was one of the most respected
> pottery designers of the 20th century; at Copeland's, where he became
> art director, he produced numerous stylish designs, including the
> popular "Christmas Tree" which continues to be a best-seller.