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studio floor slope--how steep?

updated fri 13 sep 02


Carl Finch on thu 12 sep 02

I am about to have a concrete potting studio floor poured and wish to have
sufficient slope to make hosing down reasonable and fast, without too much
mopping up after--nor do I want to have to chase wheeled equipment to the
low side of the room! Rather than a central drain grate, I plan to have
the water run out the door.

Can anyone suggest the number of inches per foot for such a slope?

I'm also thinking a smooth-as-possible, steel-troweled finish, rather than
wood floated or broomed finish, yes?!

Any thoughts appreciated!


Working Potter on thu 12 sep 02

I think a system where there is a covered channel thru the central part of

the area might be better than a slanted floor as most equipment would not be
at its functioning best on an incline.Perhaps someone has details on that
system like the one Penland's lower studio uses or one better?