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tony winchester on online gallery aquariusartgallery

updated wed 18 sep 02


Tony Ferguson on mon 16 sep 02

Hi everyone,

AquariusArtGallery welcomes Tony Winchester to the gallery. Consider =
taking a look. All feedback is welcome. His work is comprised of =
faceted stoneware with sprayed glazes, slips, and crackle slips. Very =
beautiful and dynamic. Workshop is Sept 20, 21 2002.

Thank you.

Tony Ferguson
Stoneware, Porcelain, Raku
315 N. Lake Ave
Apt 312
Duluth, MN 55806

Pottery by Dai on tue 17 sep 02

Boy! That is some website, Tony (both Tonys)! The pottery is beautiful,
and the photos are wonderful----I particularly liked the way you could
enlarge the detail thumbnails to see how the work was done. And the bonus
was that the detail thumbnails and the original large photo were, even
thought they showed on the same screen, on two separate "pages" so that if
you printed them off, you didn't get the larger image cut in half with the
remainder printed on a second page. Awesome, guys! I urge everyone to go
to Tony's site and see for yourself :

Dai in Armstrong, BC

Take your work seriously---take yourself lightly. Unknown