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updated wed 18 sep 02


vince pitelka on tue 17 sep 02

> Could someone please tell me the dates in March for NCECA in San Diego?
> Thanks

Rhonda -
I do not mean to direct this to you personally, so please do not take
offense. But there are so many questions like this on Clayart. If you
enter NCECA in any search engine, you get the NCECA website, which gives a
great deal of information, including the dates of the conference. And it's
a lot faster than waiting for a response on Clayart.
Best wishes -
- Vince

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terry sullivan on tue 17 sep 02

All due respect to Vince on referencing folks to the NCECA web site, but
all that gets one is the dates and the city. No information on the
conference hotel, Town and Country in Mission Valley, or any other data
on the conference.

The NCECA web site is very defficient in giving any pertenent data about
the conference or the hotel.

I got to wonder about who is handling the web site here.

terry sullivan