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attn: ron r. crystals in waterfall brown?

updated fri 20 sep 02


Cheryl Hoffman on thu 19 sep 02

Hey Ron,
I was so encouraged by my last load of your glazes that I did another
load yesterday. What a surprise! Two pieces glazed with waterfall brown I
think grew crystals. At first glance, I thought it was some kind of strange
crawling but after another look I realized that this was a bit of
serendipity. I got out my 20X loop and looked at them closely...sure look
like crystals.
I have an Orton Autofire and I followed your firing down
protocol...150 degree drop until 1500, then natural cooling.
Is this unusual? I took some pictures and captured some fairly good
close-up photos of the pieces. I can send them e-mail if you're interested
in seeing them.
Thanks for any insight.
Cher Hoffman