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slips again

updated fri 20 sep 02


vince pitelka on wed 18 sep 02

> One more slip question. When I put the slip on some plates I decided
> that I should slow down the drying process so that it would not crack.
> It didn't so far. Would you expect it to crack in either bisque or
> glaze firings and not while drying>

Barbara -
That all depends on how wet the clay was when you applied the slip. If it
was quite dry, it is possible that tensions developed and are still in
there. In that case, sometimes the slip will crack or peel in the firing.
You won't know until you fire it. But in my experience, it does help to dry
slip-decorated wares slowly, ESPECIALLY with thick applications of slip,
such as slip-trailing, feather-combing, or marbling.
Good luck -
- Vince

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