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flexible slip/stephanie

updated sun 22 sep 02


Joyce Lee on sat 21 sep 02

I received my order for flexible slip,
Steph. Do you have any tips or
suggestions or nono's in using this
slip. Right now it will simply be for
preserving leaves, but as I work with it,
who knows what could happen? I'm
posting this to the list since there may
be others who've done the same.=20

Thank you for taking the time to offer
the information. I'm entertained at the
thought of where this could lead.

In the Mojave where the westie is
loving the pet door ... "Mojo's Door"...
she hits it, flying through at top speed (if you know
westies, you know that's very speedy
indeedy). My concern is that as she
grows, her spatial sense may change
and she'll hit the wall or the glass instead of the flexible swinging =
door ...... if
so, ... well, don't like to think about that...