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barium blue (toxic, not for food)

updated tue 24 sep 02


Potter Wagoner on mon 23 sep 02

(Ron Roy said)

"I have reformed it to make it more stable in the dry form on the pots.
Makes me shiver just working on it."

Someone wrote me off the list to say that I didn't need to go so
overboard about how toxic the glaze was and not to treat people on the
list like they were novices.

Really it would have been better if I never posted it in my opinion. I
have it in a bucket that has a screw on lid and it is packed away in the
back of my shop. It is a beautiful glaze when it is fired correctly, but
in my fervor over the blue discussion I posted it.

Anyone that is testing it or using it PLEASE take note of Mr. Roy's
comment above. If it makes him shiver then you should too. Please do not
use on any foodware. If you are not really confident of your studio
safety and glaze mixing just don't mess with it. It is not worth making
up another bucket of glaze.

Thanks for the improvement RR...and also the correction on how much
Barium it takes to become unstable.