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painting a kiln -- rust converter

updated tue 24 sep 02


Ingeborg Foco on mon 23 sep 02

There is a product available that you paint onto rusted surfaces. It
chemically alters the rusted surfaces. After 24 hours, you are free to
paint if you wish.
No washing or scraping. I don't have the particulars as they are at the
studio. (everything rusts here in SW Florida on the water)

I bought a brand new propane tank and from the installation process, it
became chipped and rusted in a week. Using this product.....well it is
amazing. I haven't gotten around to spray painting those areas and it still
hasn't rusted - two months later. It will of course, eventually rust and
will need to be

I will be happy to follow up should you be interested and give you the
particulars. I did purchase it at the local hardware store for close to $15
(I think) and was told by a friend it is available at the Home Depot under a
different name for considerably less.


the Potter's Workshop & Gallery
St. James City, Florida