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question about production piecework

updated tue 24 sep 02


vince pitelka on mon 23 sep 02

I hope some of you can help me with this. I have a former student who runs
a ceramics business in the state of Mississippi, and is just starting to
employ throwers to do piecework, and is at a loss regarding what to pay per
item. The per-item price would be just for the throwing, trimming, handles,
etc, with no decorating, glazing, or kiln duties. She needs to do the
decorating while the pieces are still damp, so the piecework is done on the
premises. In other words, she provides all the materials and the wheel.
The thrower comes in, does the work, goes home, gets paid depending on
number of pieces made.

If any of you employ throwers for such work, can you please let me know what
you pay per piece for the following or similar items: mug with handle, 8"
cylindrical vase, 14" cylindrical vase, dinner plate, salad plate, soup
bowl, desert bowl, cup and saucer.

Please post me either on or off list with any information available.
Best wishes -
- Vince

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