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baltic mill, gateshead, uk

updated sat 28 sep 02


Janet Kaiser on thu 26 sep 02

Roly, would you take a couple of minutes to tell us all about the Baltic
Mill please? Apparently the roof is leaking, but apart from that bit of
useless information there has been little enough mention on Radio 4. Is it
being utilized as the "art factory" the Scandinavian curator envisaged? Are
there any pots on exhibition?

Sorry, I don't know what a potato cannon is either...

Janet Kaiser - currently arranging our annual art trip. We plan visiting
Manchester City Gallery following its reopening after a major addition &
renovation, the Lowry Centre which we visited last year and the Imperial
War Museum-North, which opened this summer. Of interest to potters:

"Sense and Perception" work by Felicity Aylieff a member of the Craft
Potters Association of Great Britain. On Tuesday 17 September 2002 - Sunday
17 November 2002

IWM North is the first building in the UK by the internationally acclaimed
architect, Daniel Libeskind. Clad in aluminium, this landmark building is a
visionary emblem of war and reflects the innovative approach of the entire
project. The stunning exterior is based on the concept of a globe shattered
by war and conflict. Libeskind has taken three of these pieces (or shards)
to form the building, representing earth, air and water.

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>Also Anyone,
>What, please, is a potato cannon?
>working in Gateshead where the largest art space north of London is now
>open, and the triple bubble music centre is taking shape; and at odd
>pugging some more clay and working at throwing consistently in a
portacabin out the back.
Janet Kaiser

The Chapel of Art =95 Capel Celfyddyd
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Janet Kaiser on sat 28 sep 02

Thanks for that information Roly! I am sure many of our colonial cousins
will also be interested, especially the ex-pat Geordies and their
descendents. Isn't Tony Clennell one?

Along with Jenny Lewis's account of what is available (especially for
potters) in York, I guess the North East of England should start to attract
more culture vultures... At least "the powers that be" have recognised the
importance of The Arts in urban regeneration up North... Here in Wales, we
are told The Arts do not qualify for European or Assembly funding. That


Thanks for asking this, you prompted me to look on the web for information. has plenty, and links to more, and
webcams of the site.

The Baltic is an old flour mill that has been converted for use as an 'art
space'. They don't call it a gallery because it is not intended to have
permanent collection. The exhibitions so far have, I think, done more to
demonstrate the potential of the space than stun us with their content.
building is worth visiting just for the lift, all glass with views over the
river and city on one side and the gallery on the other, and very fast.

I think they intend to offer artists the opportunity to use the space for
creation as well as for exhibition, time will tell. So far the view of art
is more in the Emin than the Leach tradition.

Next door is the Sage, three auditoria for (non-amplified?) music. This is
going to be a really stunning building.

On again the old church is a visitor centre which now houses Portcullis a
council venture which sells a good selection of pottery.

Gateshead also has a respectable collection of C20th studio pottery in the
Shipley Gallery, and the Angel of the North, a sculpture of an angel with
wings lilke a WW2 plane. 65ft high 175 ft span, like a jumbo jet stuck on
its tail. Controversial, yes, thought provoking, yes, not overtly a war
memorial, but Tyneside was heavily bombed, and has a large orthodox Jewish

Janet Kaiser

The Chapel of Art =95 Capel Celfyddyd
8 Marine Crescent, Criccieth LL52 0EA, Wales, UK
Tel: 01766-523570 URL: