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cobalt blue ...... 5+percent

updated thu 26 sep 02


John Baymore on wed 25 sep 02

>>Hmm.... not long ago I'd have agreed with you. Then I came across Tom
>Coleman's Royal Cobalt. How much cobalt carb?
>5.15% !!!
>A very fine cone ten glaze, too. Sumptuous, classy and jewel-like.

Ned - guess I've learned something! I have no argument with you. I had
never experienced a use of cobalt above even 0.75%.<

Never actually seen the above glaze in person........ does it have a
tendency to have little semi-gloss or matt-ish microcrystaline stuff on t=
surface anywhere?

It would be interseting to see a leach test for cobalt off that five
percent plus containing glaze. Anyone ever done it by any chance?



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