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: building burners ? ( a bit technical)

updated thu 3 oct 02


iandol on tue 1 oct 02

Dear Bruce,=20

If you can get into back issues of CM you will find a superb article =
relating to the building of a heat recuperator behind a kiln.

It was a complex structure but everything was carefully planned from the =
point of the thermodynamics. The recuperation tubes were extruded as =
elbows to carry fresh air to the burners but they were heated by the =
flue gases. The burners were enclosed and monitored with UV sensors. Air =
feed was via external turbo fans. Gases emerging from the flue were so =
cool they would not ignite paper. Fuel savings were remarkable.

If I were to invest in a commercial venture, I would want this sort of =

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia=20