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german burners circa 1970

updated thu 3 oct 02


Steven D. Lee on wed 2 oct 02

Does anyone know of where I can get information on natural gas
burners used in Germany in the 70's for pottery.

I received two small burners with six holes in the bell and another
four just above the orifice. Each burner is only 3.2" long and the
orifice is drilled to what seems to a # 52 bit. The bell of the
burners is only just above one inch in diameter. The old pottery
that they were removed from said that they produced 225,000 btu for
their kiln. I guess I want to know the particulars.

They have no identification of forger's mark on them.
_______/ |
|---- This is about the
|---- real size of the burner!

Steven D. Lee
SD Pottery - The little Texas Potter