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cracks in my large platters has stopped!

updated fri 4 oct 02


Betty Fountain on thu 3 oct 02

I have recently been making 18" diameter platters. The first 3 that I made
all cracked in the center. I was drying them upside down on the lip.
I had no idea as to what was causing this.
I am very new to Clayart... discovering it only a few weeks ago. I read...
and read... and read. So many fabulous ideas and insights.
So --- I made some little sacks of rice in nylon stockings (about 8 inches
long and tied at each end.) I like the nylons better than socks because they
stretch easier. I place the platter upside down over the rice pad on a sheet
of newspaper. Then gently move the platter gently sideways back and forth
until the rice pad settles down so that the rim of the platter just touches
all the way around. Then I cover the outer edge (edge into the foot) with a
long strip of Saran Wrap... just lightly laying on the clay.
Whoopee!!! Every platter I have done using this method has dried perfectly,
without a single crack!
Thank-you so much for all your great ideas. I combined several posts, and
came up with a perfect solution to my problem.
Betty Fountain
Stonington, Connecticut